Krusteaz Professional Wheat and Honey Pancake Mix - 5lb

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Krusteaz Professional Wheat and Honey Pancake Mix - 5lb

Our honey-sweetened pancakes offer all the benefits of wholesome whole wheat, while preserving their light, delicate texture. Now you can start your day with tasty pancakes that are good for you, too. 0g trans fat per serving.

Consistent, tolerant, easy-to-use. High ratio formula means cakes are tender and moist from first to last slice.


"Add water only" No need to add eggs or oil. They're already in the mix

Time-efficient: No need to measure out the other ingredients

Customizable: Create richer texture and mouth-feel by adding eggs, oil or your own signature ingredients and toppings

Versatile: Fan favorites include shapes made with cookie cutters, and customizable toppings

Flexible: You can easily scale up or down-only use as much mix as you need and store the rest


  • Spread it thin for sweet or savory crêpes and blini
  • Pour it thick for amazing aebleskivers (Danish pancake balls)
  • Pair it with Peanut Butter & Banana for breakfast, or Ham & Gruyère for lunch
  • Use it as a topping alternative for comforting cobblers
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