Krusteaz Professional Belgian Waffle Mix - 5 Lb.

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Krusteaz Professional Belgian Waffle Mix - 5 Lb.

Krusteaz Belgian Waffle mix makes delicious waffles. Crispy outside, soft inside. Works with any waffle iron.

Consistent, tolerant, easy-to-use. High ratio formula means cakes are tender and moist from first to last slice.


"Add water only" No need to add eggs or oil. They're already in the mix

Time-efficient: No need to measure out the other ingredients

Customizable: Create richer texture and mouth-feel by adding eggs, oil or your own signature ingredients and toppings

Versatile: Fan favorites include shapes made with cookie cutters, and customizable toppings

Flexible: You can easily scale up or down-only use as much mix as you need and store the rest

Just-Add-Water formulation.
Optionally Replace Water with Milk or Buttermilk.


  • Top them with ice cream, whipped cream or fruit for dessert
  • Create on-trend with Chicken & Waffles and other protein side dishes
  • Use them instead of bread in sweet and savory sandwiches
  • Feature them for “breakfast-at-dinner” programs
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