Lyons Blackberry Designer Dessert Syrup Sauce 16oz

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These are professional sauces used in fine restaurants and are not available in stores.
Made by Lyons, suppliers of ingredients to fine restaurants and bakeries.

Lyons Designer Dessert Sauces are ideal for a variety of finishing touch applications. Lyons Dessert Sauces are a complete line of premium toppings that allow you to create fabulous signature presentations with just a squeeze. Design stripes, curves, hearts, squiggles and LET IT FLOW.


  • Products come already packed in squeeze bottles
  • No need to transfer products from cans to condiment bottles


  • Specially formulated with the ideal viscosity for platescaping
  • From the leaders in superior quality dessert sauces
  • Great selection of rich, true flavors and vibrant colors


  • Allows you to add value to your dessert creations through increased plate appeal
  • Easily create signature items for your dessert menu.
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