Boghosian California Sun Dried Raisins
Boghosian California Sun Dried Raisins
Boghosian California Sun Dried Raisins 1

Boghosian California Sun Dried Raisins

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California Sun Dried Raisins The Raisins That Climbed Mt. Everest! 

A Fat Free Cholesterol Free Food. Ingredient: California Sun Dried Raisins. See Pack for complete Nutrition Facts. Net Wt. 32oz. (2LB) 907g. Boghosian Raisins. When attacking a mountain like Everest or K2, every part of my planning and preparation must be correct. That includes the food I bring. Boghosian Raisins have been in my rations on all of my expeditions. Why?...because I need food that is high in carbohydrates...a food that packs and travels well...even more important, a food that tastes great. Believe me, when I'm clinging to rocks at 26,000 feet and have been away from home-cooking for 2 months, munching on sweet, chewy Boghosian Raisins can be a real treat. I've taken raisins with me throughout the Himalayas and on expeditions to all seven continents. I've learned to carry only what I need...and what I enjoy. Boghosian Raisins continue to be in my food bags. 


Great Ways to USE Raisins:

1. Bake them - in applesauce, spice or carrot cake; peanut butter, oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

2. Stir them - into yogurt: custard; rice, tapioca or puddings.

3. Sandwich them - with peanut butter and orange marmalade between bread; or mix into turkey or chicken salad.

4. Sprinkle them - on cold cereal, or with chopped nuts on ice cream.

5. Toss them - into coleslaw, carrot, three bean or Waldorf salads.

6. Knead them - into the dough of white, whole wheat or rye bread, bagels or rolls.

7. Mold them - into fruit salads and gelatin desserts.

8. Spoon them - into a sweet-sour sauce over ham, poultry or vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes.

Phil Ershler Professional Guide.

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Average rating:
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3 reviews

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best raisins ever 12/04/2020
By matt
ever since covid started ive been looking for the best raisin. First of all, Megan's Desserts is super quick, and super professional. Secondly, these raisins are just so juicy, they never have that flaky taste, never stale,and they're just the best raisin ive ever had. and ive been to France!