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Professional Dough Improver
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Professional Dough Improver

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Use what professionals use!

Professional Dough Improver is an all-purpose dough conditioner providing you the highest quality in every application and baking method. Thanks to the latest enzyme technology and additional freshness enzymes, the benefits are better than ever providing you absolute peace of mind and a consistent high quality.

Use for: Multi grain - Whole meal bread, Panettone, Pizza, Bagel, Baguette, Ciabatta, Hamburger buns, Loaf bread, Pretzels, Rolls, Rye bread, Soft rolls, Toast bread and all pastry yeast doughs.

  • 1 POUND BAG - Treats 50 pounds of flour at 2% dosage.
  • Usage: .5% - 2% of Flour weight for all Yeast doughs
  • Excellent Volume - Protects against Weak Flour and Over Proofing
  • Enhances freshness characteristic - Impressive break and shred for crusty breads
  • Resealable Bag to Ensure Freshness.
Average rating:
average rating 100%
80 reviews

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Professional Dough Improver 1lb bag 07/10/2021
My first time used this product, work like a charm. Execellent dough improver powder. My baguette came out perfect. Add flavor, softness to the bread. I was so please and very happy to use this dough improver for my breads. The bread was awsome nice, fluffy, soft and crusty. LOVE IT ! Value for the money
Highly recommended
Madison alabama